White Sands, New Mexico

Benjamin is an award winning landscape and travel photographer, whose work has earned him an international following. Benjamin takes great pleasure in exploring, capturing, and sharing the beauty of Earth's rugged landscapes, detailed cityscapes, and diverse cultures. He has travelled extensively throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. He particularly enjoys photographing the undiscovered corners of Eastern Europe, where the blending of old traditions and modern development is currently unfolding. 

As a child, Benjamin's family moved from coast to coast multiple times. Perhaps it was these frequent relocations that ignited Benjamin's desire to travel and experience exotic cultures. Well, that...or Indiana Jones. Consequently, Benjamin is always planning his next adventure: be it spending a weekend in a remote a corner of Death Valley or in the forgotten cemeteries of rural Poland. 

Benjamin shoots with the surprising light Sony A7R II (the sensor on this camera is amazing), or his trusted standby, the Sony A7R. While these newer camera sensors have reduced his dependency on a sturdy tripod, you will almost never see him without his trusty Gitzo Explorer - some habits die hard.

Benjamin currently resides in the brick forest of Chicago's West Loop, although he considers the American Southwest, namely New Mexico, home.