Print Sales


Benjamin offers custom-made prints from what he considers to be the best printer in the game, Photo Craft Imaging, located in Boulder, Colorado. Ben prefers to print through a hybrid-traditional/digital darkroom process (Lightjet) with a Chromira on Fuji Crystal Archive Supergloss paper. This continuous tone development process on traditional photographic paper results in a product that provides the closest match to Ilforchrome Classic Delux paper in terms of quality and color saturation. That being said, other presentation options are available, including Photo Rag, Aluminum DiBond, and Acrylic Face Mount Prints.

If you wish to order a framed product, I can ship the print directly to a framing department of your choice, Alternatively, I highly suggest you have the framing preformed by The Framing Department at Hidden Light LLC located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Stephan and his team produce the highest quality framing service I have been able to find. In addition, they are the definition of awesome. 

To order, please contact Benjamin with your order request and we'll arrange the payment - I accept Venmo, Chase QuickPay, Credit Card, and PayPal. My pricing structure is as follows:


Size & Price for Custom LightJet Fuji Crystal Archive Supergloss Prints*

8"x12" Print: $95

12"x18" Print: $175

16"x24" Print: $205

20"x30" Print: $295

24"x36" Print: $405

30"x45" Print: $595

40"x60" Print: $855

48"x72" Print: $995


Size & Price for Custom Acrylic Face Mount (LightJet Fuji Crystal Archive Supergloss Prints)*

8"x12" Print: $275 

12"x18" Print: $375

16"x24" Print: $525

20"x30" Print: $775

24"x36" Print: $1075

40"x60" Print: $1675


Size & Price for Custom Aluminum DiBond Prints with hangers*

8"x12" Print: $255

12"x18" Print: $395

16"x24" Print: $495

20"x30" Print: $675

24"x36" Print: $875

40"x60" Print: $1175


*Due to their unique sizing and printing requirements, Panoramic prints require custom price quotes. Please contact Ben with your desired print size and he will return a quote promptly.