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I just updated the website with 48 new images within all categories. You can visit the Current gallery to see the whole update, or visit the individual galleries for a more comprehensive experience. Enjoy the new images and let me know what you think. 

Below is a capture from Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. Ususally this is a very crowded location, but this spring morning I was fortunate. There only was one other photographer, a Russian and his extremely cold wife. Luckily, they left soon after my arrival and I had the location to myself. A very peaceful and serene experience.

The warmth of a sunrise.

The posted images are from Alstrom Point, Utah at sunrise. This is perhaps the best camping location near Lake Powell and Page, Arizona. Getting there requires a time commitment of at least 1.5 hours and a high clearance passenger car, but the pay-off is an extremely beautiful overlook of the Lake, mere feet from your tent. Odds are that you'll be alone as well, as almost everyone shooting Alstrom Point departs after sunset. And as an added bonus the drive to and from this location crosses some of the most scenic desert in southern Utah. 

While photographing sunset there, I ran into Ken Sklute, a Canon Explorer of Light. Ken was an extremely nice guy and he instantly recognized my most prized lens (unbeknownst to me at the time), the Canon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM. On the older Canon 5D, this lens focused slowly, causing me to miss more shots than was acceptable. But, when paired with the 5D Mark III, this lens is a screamer. During my travels this summer, this was my goto lens for street photography. The zoom range is incredible and when coupled with the IS and low-light capabilities of the Mark III, the number of my handheld "keepers" drastically increased. No kidding, this lens and the Mark III has significantly reduced the amount of time my camera spent on a tripod - and that alone is worth the cost of admission! I highly recommend the lens to Canon shooters, you will not be disappointed.  

Subway Detail

It has been awhile. Sorry for the lack of updates! Maja and I are planning a trip to Death Valley with our friends Dave and Bill - hopefully we will all return with some keepers. The picture above is from Zion National Park right before the Subway entrance. It was more crowded this year than I had remembered; getting this shot proved to be competitive :) Enjoy!

Devil's Garden

A sunrise image from Devil's Garden in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. I had shot here 7 years ago, but due to poor weather the result were not ideal. Since the location is a bit out of the way, it has taken me a while to return. For this image, clouds were not a problem (in fact, the lack of clouds were more-so an issue). In any case, I greatly enjoy how the easterly facing hoodoos catch the morning light. I hope you enjoy.


There's something about the movement of this shot that grabbed my attention tonight. A dance of color and lines. I took this during a casual hike up to Angel's Landing in Zion. I find my photography drawn more and more to detail work over vast landscapes than ever before. Enjoy.


Left Fork of North Creek (aka "The Subway")

This is from the exit of the Left Fork of North Creek (aka "The Subway") slot canyon in Zion Natl. Park. An often photographed location for a good reason, it pretty unique (even in canyon county terms). The hike is a fairly miserable 8 mile round trip scramble up and down a river bed/flood zone with numerous river crossings and lots of boulder-hopping. It's worth it once you round the corner to a truly spectacular section of sandstone. I left a couple hours before sunrise to beat the mid-day rush and had the place to myself for a couple of hours before at least 20 others began crowding the narrow exit. It was a fun day, soon I hope to do the slot top down and explore the whole canyon.

Zebra Slot

This is Zebra slot - a canyon in Escalante National Monument. Entering the canyon entails slogging through a narrow 30 yard slot, in chilly waist-high stagnant water - not much fun - especially with a pack of gear. But, the destination is worth it! Anyways, I'm heading back to canyon country to catch the cottonwoods turn fall color. Have a great week!