Top 10 images from 2012

I am aware that this post arrives a little late. Most top 10s of '12 post mid-December. That would exclude any images I might have taken for the remainder of the year. At least that is the excuse I am using to explain my absence from posting lately... Truth be told, I have been busy. A poor excuse. In any case, below are my top 10 images from 2012, an extremely prolific year for me. In summary, I travelled to 9 different countries and extensively throughout the southwest before relocating to the land of grime, brick, and skyscrapers (aka Chicago). I shot approximately 48,000 images on two new systems. I have completed my transition to Canon equipment, greatly enjoying the 5D Mark III. Additionally, I am using the Sony NEX-7 for street photography - an excellent little camera, only lacking in the quantity of quality lenses. I am looking forward to 2013 and hopefully I can reestablish my motivation for shooting, as it has been a couple months since I have even picked up my camera. Maja and I are planning a trip to Jordan in March, which I am confident will keep me shooting. Thanks for views in 2012 and I look forward to producing quality work in 2013. 

In no particular order (it was difficult enough whittling these down to 10):

-Parliament at night, Budapest, Hungary


-Lake Hopfensee near Fussen, in Bavaria Germany

-Mounument Valley at sunrise, Navajo Nation, Arizona


-A couple enjoying drinks, overlooking the Parliament and Danude river in Budapest, Hungary

-Sunset overlooking Florence, from the Piazza Michelangelo viewpoint


-A morning stroll in Venice, Italy


-Forest in Poland


-Reflection in Venice, Italy


-Sunrise in Red Rock Conservation Area, Nevada


 -Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California

A Daily Commute

Rural roads, lush fields, and older women walking cows on chains are, to me, quintessential Poland. Since my first visit to Poland in 2009, I have wanted to capture this moment. It proved harder that I had anticipated. The Polish are by nature a little cold to strangers. And certainly to one with a camera pointed in their direction. Fortunately, I had an excellent Polish companion who was able to charm this nice woman into allow me to capture her journey home. This tradition of walking cows to a small plot of land separate from the owner's home, dates back to the Soviet occupation, where plots of land were granted to rural citizens to graze their cattle. As eastern Poland continues to develop, I fear this tradition will cease with this last generation, as private land is now commonplace. I was lucky to capture this moment.

A View from a Train...

Welcome to the newly designed webpage! This update marks not only a change in design, but also of focus and style. With a recent relocation to Chicago and a current tour of Europe underway, I have my expanded my focus to more travel-oriented photography. Accordingly, I have added a Moments section to the gallery to place my street shots. You might recognize some of the captures from my old travel shots, but keep an eye on this page, it will be expanding with massive updates in the near future.  

With that in mind, here is a recent update of my travels. I spent the past month visiting Estonia and Latvia (Tallinn and Riga respectively), followed by visits to Kraków and more rural regions of Poland. Maja and I are departing tomorrow to Budapest, followed by Vienna, Venice, Florence, Verona, the Dolomites, the Bavarian Alps, Munich, and Wrocław. We both very excited about this journey. Venice has been on my to-do list for far too long. 

The following two captures are from a new series titled "A View from a Train". They represent my desire to express landscape photography in a new, and perhaps more abstract, way. I am very excited about this project and look forward to showing more images from this series soon.

I am very excited about this re-design, which will allow me to share content and blog posts in a more convenient and efficient manner. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!!!  


3 days in Kraków

Kraków was a spectacular city with diverse districts and beautiful old architecture. It has been my favorite of the Polish cities so far. I cannot wait to compare it against the tri-cities (Gdynia, Gdńask, and Sopot) - apparently they equally as nice, just bigger altogether.  The above shots where from a three day visit there that Maja and I took in mid-June. Night is when the city really comes alive, with fire dancers and other sorts of performance art. I hope to return to the city in the near future!

The fields of Janowiec, Poland

While Maja is presently exploring Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal, I've been tasked with entertaining myself in Poland. With that in mind, Maja's Uncle, Józef, was kind enough to spend his Saturday a few weekends ago showing me villages near his hometown of Poławy. This began with a visit to Kazimierz Dolny, a beautiful art village on the banks of the Wisła river. I had been to Kazimierz once before, in early June, and my intention was to return and photograph the ruins overlooking the town. During that earlier visit the town was desolate, cold, and quite stunning. I wanted to photograph it then, but by the time we returned from hiking the surrounding forests it rather late, raining, and time to return to Lublin. This time, it was packed with tourists, and brutally hot. Between the crowds and the bright noon sun, photography was near impossible. So we spent the first half the day leisurely seeing the sights, and then ferried across the Wisła to another small village called Janowiec, which Józef promised would be less crowded - He wasn't kidding! Janowiec was exactly what I had been looking for in Poland. An old farming village, a non-touristy castle, and lush fields. Janowiec is incredible, and far less crowded than Kazimierz. The castle was stunning, we arrived a little early for photos outside (still too much contrast with the afternoon sun), so I explored inside the building where movers where cleaning up after a music festival. Following that, Józef took me to the fields below the castle where he hunts in the winter and walks his dog during the summer mornings. 

I was particularly taken by the agriculture surrounding Janowiec. In Poland, every field contains several different types of produce, in tight clusters. This is in stark contrast to the US, where one will see huge expanses of a single crop. In a single hectare I spotted rows wheat, beans, corn, cabbage, hops, and a few other crops I didn't recognize. And these patterns repeat for several square kilometers. Between these fields and the banks of the surrounding water-lands, I spent the evening shooting away. I greatly enjoyed my trip to Janowiec and highly recommend a visit if you're in the area.