Top 10 images from 2012

I am aware that this post arrives a little late. Most top 10s of '12 post mid-December. That would exclude any images I might have taken for the remainder of the year. At least that is the excuse I am using to explain my absence from posting lately... Truth be told, I have been busy. A poor excuse. In any case, below are my top 10 images from 2012, an extremely prolific year for me. In summary, I travelled to 9 different countries and extensively throughout the southwest before relocating to the land of grime, brick, and skyscrapers (aka Chicago). I shot approximately 48,000 images on two new systems. I have completed my transition to Canon equipment, greatly enjoying the 5D Mark III. Additionally, I am using the Sony NEX-7 for street photography - an excellent little camera, only lacking in the quantity of quality lenses. I am looking forward to 2013 and hopefully I can reestablish my motivation for shooting, as it has been a couple months since I have even picked up my camera. Maja and I are planning a trip to Jordan in March, which I am confident will keep me shooting. Thanks for views in 2012 and I look forward to producing quality work in 2013. 

In no particular order (it was difficult enough whittling these down to 10):

-Parliament at night, Budapest, Hungary


-Lake Hopfensee near Fussen, in Bavaria Germany

-Mounument Valley at sunrise, Navajo Nation, Arizona


-A couple enjoying drinks, overlooking the Parliament and Danude river in Budapest, Hungary

-Sunset overlooking Florence, from the Piazza Michelangelo viewpoint


-A morning stroll in Venice, Italy


-Forest in Poland


-Reflection in Venice, Italy


-Sunrise in Red Rock Conservation Area, Nevada


 -Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California

Website Update

I just updated this website with 44 new images within all categories. You can visit the Current gallery for an overview of these new images, or visit the individual galleries for a more comprehensive experience. I truly hope you enjoy the new work. Exciting plans are being crafted for the future of this page (and my photographic goals in general) that I hope to share soon. 

The below image was from Venice. A gondolier, while waiting for potential customers, had removed his hat for whatever reason. This setting provided a perfect foreground for the below gondolier paddling down a canal. I'm sure the hat's owner was puzzled by my desire to shoot 20 pictures of his hat. I'd say it was worth it.  

The Happiest Cow in Italy

The whirlwind tour is complete. Exhausted, we toured a totals of 5 countries, numerous cities, and drove a little over 4,000 km. I shot approximately 20,000 images. I have only just begun processing this mammoth library, however, I am already quite excited with my captures. 

I spotted this cow in the Dolomites and I promptly hired her for a modeling gig. I am fairly certain she is the happiest cow in Italy. The Alpe di Susi region is an amazing location where lush green pastures meet towering limestone mountains. A stunning location I hope to return to soon.

Gondolas by Night

Venice was a treat. June turned out to be an excellent month to visit; we had low-mid twenties temperatures and very mild crowds. If we travelled one block from the main shopping streets it was deserted. This is the *best* way to see Venice - off of the main thoroughfares. It was my most prolific location so far (shooting over 5500 images in two days). It will take me months to process my catalogue from this trip. Presently, we are in Florence, dodging thunderstorms and appreciating Michelangelo. This image was taken from San Marco Plaza of the gondolas lined up to rest for the night.