Riga by Night

Riga is an interesting city. Being the largest city in the Baltic states, it attracts a large variety of foreign tourists. By far, the most obvious are the Russians. The night culture is loud and aggressive, much like the Russians - vodka and techno always seems to produce that outcome in Eastern Europe. This makes lugging around expensive camera gear at night even more of a liability than usual. Nevertheless, the city is a striking example of classic European architecture intermingled with modern design; it is truly a spectacular and global city. 

The following was captured on the opposite bank of the Riga's old town - specifically were I was instructed not to photograph from by my hotel's reception due to safely concerns. Never one to listen to sound advice in pursuit of a photo, I recklessly headed over the bridge to capture this image (and many others I will soon share). Despite several encounters with inebriated Germans, Russians and Brits, I survived. I hope you enjoy the capture as much as I enjoyed my evening taking it.  

Marina City, Chicago

Marina City detail from N Dearborn St., Chicago IL. Very cool buildings seen often in various medias - I recognized them from the cover art of Wilco's album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Chicago has amazing architecture and I look forward to photographing there again in the near future.