A Smaller Bang

I stumbled across a rather cool sculpture located in the Hancock Building while hunting for dinner a few weeks back. Determined to shoot it with something other than my phone, I return this afternoon with a new camera (Fuji X-T2) and proceeded to take far too many photos. This capture caught my attention while uploading them. I hope you enjoy the capture.   

Marina City, Chicago

Marina City detail from N Dearborn St., Chicago IL. Very cool buildings seen often in various medias - I recognized them from the cover art of Wilco's album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Chicago has amazing architecture and I look forward to photographing there again in the near future.

Vater Staat Ghosts

Sculpture: Vater Staat @ The Art Institute of Chicago / Modern Wing. 
People: ??? 

This was my favorite sculpture at the Art Institute. I took quite a few shots hoping for the perfect balance of people walking under the cold glare of this sculpture. Eventually a guard informed me I could not sit on the ground while taking photos (far away from blocking any path). Oh well, rules...