Cityscapes of Poland

It's been a while! Maja and I have returned from our travels in Poland and France and have begun to settle in Las Vegas. After a few more European posts I will return to showing photographs from the southwest - in fact, we just took a short trip to Zion National Park on Labor day. It was very crowded (no kidding, huh?), but was a great return to sandstone. Anyway, I digress - this post is about Poland, specifically, roofs and wall of Poland. These are a mix of images from Poznań and Krakow, mostly shot from towers. Enjoy!

Also of note, I have 2 very exciting announcements. First, Maja and I are having our first combined art show starting this week in Lublin's Radio Hall. We got the offer to hang two days before our departure back to the US...And despite all reasoning decided to jump on the opportunity. After a few sleepless nights of processing, proofing, and shipping for printing, we got it all wrapped up and done. The show is hanging and we've very excited - we have desired a joint show since we first had coffee together. The title is "Horyzonty pustyni" ("Desert Horizons"). The write-up can be found here: Ben & Maja's Radio Lublin Show. Thanks to the gracious people of Radio Lublin!

Second, Maja and I are also in a traveling show in Poland celebrating the life of Edward Hartwig. You can view the show write-up here: Edward Hartwig Traveling Show. Maja's image is above the center man's left shoulder. My image is the yellow and red aspen leaf image to the left - yes, it's not hanging horizontally, but what can I do - it's in Poland :)